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Veronique says:


My addiction, you, my reason to live. I abandoned my big dreams to dance to make professional career everything, absolutely everything took the edge for you! My friends also, lost, mislaid, moved away by your jealousy and your insecurity; but especially, by your complete lack of trust in Me. Me, the last nobody there deprived on this earth; which shall have betrayed you, my love, I still say it as though it was possible. But in my mind, I know that I don't want you anymore except that, the love which I have for you is in me since my loving childhood and I cannot turn the page and move on...

That, was before my therapy with Dr Véniez... Today, I still think of him but as a memory, surrounded by all those others expériences which forge my past. You're no longer my addiction, just an experience which taught me a lot about love, but also about life in general. Finally, I can say that I am liberated from you! I finally feel I'm being the genuine me! It is one delight of the most delectable that I wish you all!

Anorexia and bulimia ; God I've been living with this eating disorder for a long time... 6 years at least, that I hate myself, that I see myself fat as a pig and without charm; As a rotten fruit wearing a too fat belly in my mind. The potbelly of low belly, the most unpleasant feeling that it is, to be sitting down and feeling the fat making a crease on my belt. I'm not only making myself vomit, I ceased eating. Seriously, the rejection which I make of my own body, the way I face myself with total discuss enlarging is pretty dangerous for my life...

I was living with a constant mental torment and which gnawed me at blood. I've afflicted myself with this, because my first love left me... I was alone with my pain and I wished to give me the slow death...Today, I know that, I won't have a relapse! I'm a dancer, I need a healty body and to feel safe in my mind! I'm liberated from this and I'm on good terms with myself. I accept my body such as nature gave it to me. I'm thankful for having all my members and all my head; to be able to dance until my very old days and to bite into life with passion! Try it, life is nice for me now :)



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