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The Véniez Drug Rehab Center© for Abuse & Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Perhaps no mass addiction has been more effected by the rise of the internet than gambling. Legal gambling was only a vacation option in the past for most Canadians if they chose to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But with the prevalence of gambling on the internet and poker on television, gambling has become as accessible as any form of addiction. As the top poker players are glorified like sports heroes in the popular culture, more and more individuals are being hit with the gambling bug. Soon many of them find themselves trapped in an expensive and dangerous spiral of compulsive gambling.


Gambling addicts often try over and over again to prove that they can gamble like other people. Their great obsession becomes that one day they will be able to control their gambling and stop the compulsion. The persistence of this illusion is astonishing, and it leads directly to jails, institutions and death.


Gambling addicts not only lose all their money, but also their families, careers and health. They become criminals to deal with the squeeze and threats of loan sharks and bookies. A compulsive gambler is unable to accept the reality of their plight as they are overwhelmed with emotional insecurity and fear. They live in the fantasy realm of grandiosity and wishful thinking where the next big win will make everything alright.


They picture themselves in mansions with servants tending to their every need, on yachts surrounded by sun-tanning playmates, and on private planes that jet them from Monaco to Monte Carlo, paid for with their endless winnings. When reality hits like a lightning bolt, they find themselves broke and penniless, living on the streets and begging for their next dollar to wager with. But they continue despite the consequences because gambling addicts believe that without their dream world, life would be intolerable. The Véniez Drug Rehab Center© is dedicated to providing only the best gambling addiction help.



The solution for Gambling Addiction


We believe recovery success depends on successfully returning to normal life.


Identify the causes, the sources of his or her addiction and eliminate them in four sessions.

The solution in Psychotherapy, Hypnosis with L'Approche Véniez© is to identify the causes, the source of his or her symptoms to eliminate them. The most precise and fastest way is with L'Approche Véniez©. These different techniques are used; visualization, breathing and relaxation, hypnotism, the subliminal, and post-hypnotic suggestions. There is nothing artificial or supernaturel about hypnosis.

  • The first session consists of a series of questions asked to the individual to obtain therapeutic useful information about the patient. This session allows the therapist to understand his patient and explain to him how the therapy will take place. At the end of this first session, the therapist will introduce a brief induction of hypnosis to his patient. (duration of the meeting is usually an hour, sometimes more).

  • The second session consists of a light follow-up by the therapist and deepening the patient's hypnotic state.  (duration of the session is between 45 minutes to an hour).

  • The third session consists of the work, acceptance, the release of shocks, traumatisms or causes of the lack of security experienced by the patient. (duration of the session is usually 1 hour or more).

  • The fourth session consists of closing, reconciliation of the adult and the inner child, an experience of self-identity, self-confidence and loveing yourself. (duration of the session is between 45 minutes to an hour).

Once this work is done the results are permenent. The patient is self-sufficient and does not need further treatments. A brief follow-up may be in order.



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